Faceted Pillar 100% Beeswax natural color

Adorn your table with these elegant handcrafted Faceted Pillars. Once sculpted wooden blocks, these shapes were cast and molded by  artisans to offer a unique and modern candle.      2.5 X 5.25 tall  burns 65 hours

  • Pillars should be burned on a pillar plate in order to avoid wax spillage and heat damage.
  • The initial burn should be several hours long in order to establish a wide burn pool.
  • Ideally, each burn should last at least one hour per inch in diameter.
  • To counter tunneling (when the wax pool doesn't expand to the outer edge of the candle and tunnels down the middle, not making use of all the wax), gently push walls in toward the flame once they have warmed up.
  • Keep wick trimmed to ¼ inch, making sure to cut immediately after burning, as wicks become brittle when cool.
  • To minimize smoke when extinguishing, dunk wick into wax pool and stand it back up once extinguished.


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