La Chamba Black Clay Lidded Casserole

La Chamba Black clay cookware is handmade mostly by women who are members of a sustainable potter's cooperative in Central Colombia. Each piece is shaped on the wheel, fired twice with rice husks added to the second firing to create the deep black, completely lead free finish.

Pottery from this area is the oldest in the America's and is proudly used by the Santa Fe Cooking School and loved by Rachel Ray and Michael Pollan. For the art of Slow Food.

La Chamba can be used on the stove top (gas is perfect), in the microwave, and in the oven. Start with a low flame and build to a higher heat.  Bring to room temperature before putting in the oven, where it is good up to 450 degrees. Clay cookware will last if you take care not to shock it. I will soon be your favorite baking pot.

9x9x3.5 will hold aprox. 3 quarts

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