Rustic edged Obeche Bowl from Haiti


One of my most favorite Haitian Proverbs, espwa fè viv, Where there is Life there is Hope!  

And these bowls exemplify that message beautifully - Priscilla

Crafted from the fast growing and farmed Obeechi tree, each bowl is carved and shaped by the skilled hands of creator Einstein Albert and his artisans. Beautiful handcrafted Obeechi bowls provide sustainability for a community ravaged by natural disaster and extreme poverty. By choosing to grace your table with one, your choice nourishes not only your family but a Haitian family too. From the hands who made it to the hands that share it.

Easy care, a simple soap and water will keep this beautiful. There are no two alike so yours will be very special.

Aprox 6 inches diameter and 3.5 inches tall.


Collections: Setting the Table

Type: Table Top

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