Coffee Dark Roast 12 oz bag Peru

$ 16

Peru Cafe Feminino    Rich, delicious coffee available in whole bean or ground.

There are currently well over 1000 women coffee farmers involved with the Cafe Femenino Coffee Project in Peru. Women farmers participate in all steps of the process: preparing the terrain, tending plants in the nurseries, making the compost to fertilize the soil, and preparing bio-fertilizers, as well as harvesting, de-pulping, fermenting and drying the coffee. It is very rare for women to participate in coffee sales or determine how proceeds from coffee sales will be used - all of which they do with Cafe Femenino.

With the help of organic and fair trade premiums, much has been accomplished in the rural communities of coffee-producing countries, including improvement in local economies, diets, sanitation and acquisition of new, wet-processing mills for green coffee beans. However, the marginalization of women in these rural communities continues.

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